Couple welcome twins born from frozen embryos 30 years ago

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 15:56:02

In Tennessee, a couple has welcomed twins using frozen embryos for 30 years. These embryos are the oldest that resulted in a live birth.

Rachel and Philip Ridgeway are a couple who live in Tennessee and have started a family of four children. None of them were conceived through IVF or with the help of a donor. As they wanted to expand their family, Rachel and Philip turned to embryo adoption.

“We never had in mind a set number of children that we would like to have , Philip said. We always thought we would have as much as God wanted to give us. When we heard about embryo adoption, we thought it was something we would like to do. »

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A total of five embryos were thawed and three of them were viable. Finally, only two embryos have been transferred successfully.

Embryos frozen for 30 years

On October 31, Rachel and Philip hosted twins , Lydia and Timothy. What makes this birth exceptional is the age of the embryos: they remained frozen for 30 years, since they were stored in 1992.

'There's something amazing about it. , Philip said. In a sense, they are our oldest children, even if they are our youngest. »

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According to one study, 25% to 40% of frozen embryos result in a live birth, which makes the event even rarer given the age of the embryos. To be stored, these were stored in tiny straws kept in liquid nitrogen at -200 degrees. Nitrogen has preserved them for decades.

Thus, they became the oldest embryos to result in a live birth. The previous record holder was Molly Gibson, born in 2020 from an embryo frozen for 27 years.

Source : CNN