Controversial, the new RSA system, involving working hours, will be tested from January 2023

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-14 19:07:02

Will RSA claimants be forced to work to get their allowance in the future? A test device will be launched in this direction in several departments from January 2023.

This is a measure far from unanimous!

Proposed by Emmanuel Macron in his re-election program, the RSA conditioned on working hours will be well tested next year.

From January 2023, this device controversial, which had sparked controversy during the presidential campaign, will thus be the subject of a full-scale test in certain departments, which have not yet been revealed.

According to information from several media, the Alpes-Maritimes, the Somme and even the North would be part of these pilot territories. It is also rumored that Vaucluse and Essonne would have volunteered for the experiment.

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Will it soon be necessary to work to touch the... RSA?

The government therefore wishes to condition the payment of the Active Solidarity Income to 15/20 hours worked per week, but how will this be articulated in practice?

Throughout this test period, the steps will take place as follows: there will first be a diagnostic phase during which an assessment will be drawn up with the beneficiary in order to determine his orientation.

Common software, which can be consulted by recipients and the people in charge of their file, will also be available for concrete monitoring.

This operation will ultimately be quite similar to that in force for all applicants for use .

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Sufficient measures? Only the future will tell!

As a reminder, the Court of Auditors has pointed out in the past the weaknesses and inefficiency of the RSA - which replaced the RMI (Minimum integration income) in 2008 -, which explains the government's desire to reform the system.