Coco: the real Mama Coco, who inspired the character in the Disney Pixar film, died at 109

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-18 18:24:01

Mama Coco, the famous Mexican grandmother in the animated film Coco, moved many fans of the Pixar universe. This Sunday, October 16, the woman who inspired this character died at the age of 109.

Coco is an animated film Pixar released in 2017. Thanks to these breathtaking sets, his catchy songs and his poetic universe, he won the prize for best animated film at the Oscars.

This animated film tells the story of Miguel, a little Mexican boy passionate about music who is not allowed to play the guitar because of a tragedy in his family. During the traditional Halloween , Miguel will be propelled into another world where he will meet his ancestors and learn the secrets of his family.

Photo credit: Disney/Pixar

Throughout the story, we meet many characters including Mama Coco, Miguel's grandmother. This very old woman is particularly endearing and moved many spectators.

A Mexican woman inspired Mama Coco

The character of Mama Coco is inspired by a real woman mexican , Maria Salud Ramírez Caballero. She was born in Santa Fe de la Laguna, a small village located near Lake Patzcuaro, where the Day of the Dead is celebrated, the traditional holiday found in Coco.

This beautiful Mexican tradition allows locals to pay homage to the deceased by placing offerings on altars in memory of the deceased. Far from being sad, this celebration is joyful, colorful and allows you to honor the memory of your ancestors.

“I wanted to say the biggest thank you to the people of Mexico , said Coco director Lee Unkrich at the Oscars. Coco would not exist without their infinitely beautiful culture and traditions. »

Mama Coco died at 109

Following the release of the film, Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero became very famous in her village, so much so that tourists would come to her house to take a picture. It must be said that the woman had an almost identical resemblance to her character.

Sadly, Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero passed away this Sunday, October 16, at the advanced age of 109.

“I deeply regret the death of Dona Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero. Mama Coco was a tireless woman and an example of life, who inspired this beloved character who traveled the world. My prayers for his rest and for his family to find resignation” , said Roberto Monroy, Michoacan tourism secretary.

Photo credit: Disney/Pixar

If the character of Mama Coco has marked everyone who has seen the film, it is because she is at the center of a very moving event at the end of the story, when she joins the world of the dead. Just like her character, Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero will join another world and will continue to be celebrated during the Day of the Dead, in Mexico.

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