Christmas cactus: how to make it bloom for the holiday season?

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-14 20:39:01

If you have a Christmas cactus and want to use it as a decoration for the holiday season, here are some steps to follow to ensure good flowering.

The christmas cactus , also known as Schlumbergera, is a symbol for the holiday season. With its green leaves and pink flowers, it is one of the favorite table decorations for Christmas. Indeed, this succulent plant has the particularity of flowering from mid-December until the end of January.

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If you want your Christmas cactus to bloom during the holidays , it must be well maintained during the fall. For that, here are some tips.

Make your Christmas cactus bloom

From November, start by reducing the frequency of watering. The Christmas cactus will bloom only if it feels a temporary lack of water. So water your plants every two or three weeks, until the stems wilt slightly. As soon as the first buds appear, resume regular watering, about once a week.

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To encourage the flowering of the plant, it is also advisable to add fertilizer. This will allow the plant to bloom profusely and longer during the winter. You can choose commercial fertilizer for succulents and apply it once a month in November, December and January.

If you started too late this year or your Christmas cactus does not seem to bloom, all is not lost: you can take cuttings from your plant. To do this, prune its stems and place the pieces in slightly damp potting soil or in a glass of water. In a few weeks, roots will begin to form, just in time for the Christmas holidays!

Source : Deavita