Chic country kitchen: 20 models to inspire you

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 16:40:03

Do you want a chic country style kitchen? Here are 20 models to inspire you and bring elegance to your your home decor.

1- A kitchen in neutral colors

A country style kitchen with white walls. Credit: vicnt

If you want to successfully design a country-style kitchen, the color blanche  is a must. You can also bet on other light colors such as beige and gray, provided that they are in harmony with your furniture and your various accessories. decoration . In this model, the walls are painted white and some natural wood furniture bring a touch of character to the decoration. The different utensils used respect the general atmosphere of the room.

2- A kitchen with some plants

The worktop of a chic country style kitchen. Credit: Galina Zhigalova

There is nothing better than a few flowers and green plants to accentuate the country style of your kitchen. You can put them in pretty pots and store them on your counter or on your dining table. Succulents such as anthurium, squash and fern adapt perfectly to indoor living. You can also pick some seasonal flowers to create a poetic atmosphere and bring a note of freshness.

3- A stone kitchen wall cladding

A country style kitchen with a stone wall. Credit: Gama5

To bring a rustic side without distorting the country atmosphere in the kitchens, the choice of a stone wall cladding is advised. Associated with your wooden beams, it will create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Do not hesitate to use other natural materials for a successful decoration. A sisal rug, wooden chairs and tables, a few storage baskets wicker , Let your imagination be free. You will thus create a decoration that looks like you.

4- Old-style kitchen furniture

A vintage chic country style kitchen model. Credit: Jovy86

Country kitchens go very well with style vintage . Bet on antique furniture to make your decoration even more beautiful. Between glass cabinets, wooden counters, old refrigerators and XXL tables, the choice is vast. You will find a large selection of vintage furniture in flea markets. And to complete the whole decor, do not neglect the dresser. The pretty plates used by our grandmothers are perfect decorative elements.

5- A table in the center of the room

A country kitchen with wooden furniture. Credit: Peter_visual

The table is the centerpiece of chic country style kitchens. It is placed in the middle of the room and performs several functions. The family uses it daily to enjoy a good meal . It can also be transformed into a work table. For a successful decoration, prefer large tables in raw wood and with some irregularities. They evoke beautiful memories and bring a touch of character to the room. To dress up this piece of furniture, you can bet on a tablecloth and a table runner in lightweight fabric.

6- A kitchen with a few metallic touches

A kitchen with a metal counter. Credit: YKvision

Metal and iron are also recommended in country kitchens. These materials bring chic while respecting the general atmosphere of the room. They also modernize the classic lines of this old kitchen style. In order to make your decor a success , bet on a metallic central island. You can also opt for a gray metal sink for more elegance. To break the too industrial side, add a few vases filled with colorful flowers.

7- A country kitchen with wallpaper

A wallpaper model for your kitchen walls. Credit: Nicola Ferrari

For a chic and modern country kitchen, you can dress the walls in wallpaper. This solution is recommended if you do not want to invest a large budget in the development of your new kitchen . However, you will need to opt for wallpaper with light colors and patterns in harmony with the general atmosphere of the room. Wallpapers with 3D patterns will be perfect. They will give the illusion of a stone or wooden wall depending on your desires.

8- A country kitchen with double rail chairs

A wooden chair model for country-style kitchens. Credit: sakdam

Chairs are also essential for a chic and classic country style kitchen. You will find several models to embellish your interior in the vintage furniture stores . Wooden chairs with double crosspieces and four legs are the most recommended. Otherwise, you can also use old-fashioned white benches. To bring even more charm to the room and accentuate its country side, bet on white or gray furniture.

9- A kitchen equipped with folding chairs

A folding chair model for the kitchen. Credit: nurdanst

If you are short on space, it makes more sense to use folding chairs. However, pay attention to the choice of materials. In order to respect the country style, prefer foldable chairs country style wood. And for more modernity, you can choose stools. Placed around your large table, they will bring chic to the room. Do not hesitate to store some round cushions for more chic. For color, neutral shades are a must.

10- A kitchen with hanging storage units

A shelving model for a rustic kitchen. Credit: Scukrov

For a chic country kitchen with a little rustic side, bet on hanging storage furniture . It can be a shelf revealing your various copper utensils and your jam jars. Otherwise, you can also install a closed cupboard. For this second option, think first of all about the design. The piece of furniture in question must respect the friendly atmosphere of country kitchens. Storage units combining wood and glass are also recommended.

11- A little reminder of black

Some black kitchen utensils. Credit: Fattyplace

Although light colors are the most recommended for cuisines campagnardes , nothing prevents you from adding some reminders of black. You just need to choose the right elements to make this room of the house elegant and warm. Bet, for example, on a central wooden island with some storage black color . You can also dare black dressers and utensils (coffee pots, frying pans, saucepans, etc.).

12- A sideboard in a chic country kitchen

A wooden sideboard. Credit: Annadokaz

The sideboard is an essential piece of furniture in small kitchens . It allows you to store the dishes and add a retro note to the decoration. Trolleys made of wood are the most recommended if you want to accentuate the country style of the room. Otherwise, for a more industrial side , the combination of metal and wood is an alternative. If you have a small kitchen, we recommend trolleys with a few storage drawers.

13- A beautiful parquet for the floor covering

A chic country kitchen with parquet flooring. Credit: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

For dress the floor for your country-style kitchen, we recommend parquet. This type of coating brings more warmth to the room and harmonizes pleasantly with the furniture. vintage . The advantage of this type of floor is that it also ensures the continuity of the decor of the kitchen with that of the hallway or the living room. By choosing the right model, you will not have to carry out heavy maintenance tasks on a daily basis. All you need to do is clean the floor with standard household products.

14- A waxed concrete splashback

A backsplash model for the kitchen. Credit: cj2a

Apart protect the wall kitchen splashes of water and grease, the splashback brings a real plus to your decoration. For a chic country style kitchen, we recommend waxed concrete models. They offer a look that is both elegant and natural. For a harmonious decoration, do not hesitate to choose a credenza in accordance with your work plan as well as your storage shelves. Otherwise, for an authentic cuisine, you can also bet on a personalized credenza.

15- The trend of antique objects

Trendy vintage kitchen with vintage objects. Credit: Istock

A few vintage items for a country-style kitchen. Credit: nobtis

For a chic country-style kitchen, you can hunt in flea markets. All vintage objects are welcome in this room of the house. Between porcelain cups and plates, metal and copper utensils, candle holders... you are spoiled for choice. Also feel free to bring some trending object touches in this room for a mix match between retro and modern.

16- A few golden touches

A country style kitchen with a few golden decorative objects. Credit: brizmaker

Gold is also a perfect color for accentuate the country style in your kitchen. However, you have to be careful about bad taste. An excess of gold touches tends to weigh down the decoration. Use this colors by small touches. You can, for example, use gold furniture, sink, door and cupboard handles. A golden vase, jars and utensils are also good ideas for decoration for your kitchen country chic.

17- Light oak furniture

Kitchen furniture in a chic country style in oak. Credit: Victoria Kotlyarchuk

For a chic country style kitchen, invite noble and natural materials into your home. Light oak furniture is an interesting idea to bring elegance to this Room of the house . The atmosphere will be more friendly. Between cupboards, islands, tables, chairs, doors, windows and shelves, you can afford it all. Provided, of course, that you choose their size and shape according to the space you have.

18- Scandinavian furniture

A country style kitchen model with Scandinavian furniture. Credit: Artjafara

To adopt the country spirit in the kitchen, you can also use a scandinavian style furniture . The latter will further sublimate the room. It will also allow the whole family to meet in a soothing and harmonious place. The scandinavian chairs go very well with a large solid wood table. You can also add a few decorative items such as pendant lights, a wall painting, a wicker rug...

19- A touch of red color

A vintage tablecloth for a country-style kitchen. Kitchen: Victor_69

For a country style kitchen , you can also adopt the color red. This will not only bring warmth, but also style to the entire decor. Crockery, furniture or red table linens, you just have to use your creative mind. You will thus create a decoration that looks like you. You will find several decorative elements in red for your country-style kitchen in the specialty shops . In order to get a good price, do not hesitate to compare the offers before making your purchases.

20- A wooden kitchen counter

A kitchen with a counter and wooden bar chairs. Credit: hikesterson

Finally, for a chic country style kitchen and modern , you can also arrange a wooden counter. Installed in the middle of the room, it will create a warm atmosphere and further enhance your decoration. To accentuate the rustic side that you love so much, install a few wooden bar chairs and add a few decorative cushions. Also keep the natural color of this material. For lighting, choose a suspension with led light . Your interior will then be bright and welcoming.