Cévennes: a motorist saw and filmed a wolf, a rare encounter in the region

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:53:06

This Thursday, October 27, a motorist saw an animal that was in the middle of the road. The passenger in the car filmed the animal, which could be a wolf, but this hypothesis has yet to be confirmed by the National Office for Biodiversity.

Thursday, October 27, around 7:30 a.m., a motorist had an encounter she did not expect.

The woman, who is also an agent at the Cévennes National Park, saw a animal in the middle of the road as she drove near the town of Vébron.

Photo credit: @MidiLibrelozere

Immediately, the person on the passenger side filmed the animal, which strongly resembles a wolf . In the video, the canine can be seen running past the car's headlights before turning around and disappearing down the side.

A wolf in the Cévennes?

The animal that was filmed strongly resembles a gray wolf and this encounter is exceptional enough to be underlined. The motorist filled out a fact sheet to report the presence of the animal. The document as well as the video were sent to the National Office for Biodiversity, which will certify whether the animal was indeed a wolf or not.

Recently, a pack of wolves settled in the Cévennes National Park and wolf cubs were born. However, it is not known exactly how many wolves live in the area.

Source : midi-free