CBD: yes, it can be useful for our hairballs

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:21:02

Any pet owner will tell you that ensuring the well-being of their hairball is essential. However, it is not always easy to understand what our four-legged friends want. Sometimes stressed, aggressive or simply overexcited, you have tried everything to appease them. But have you considered CBD? This may be the solution you've been waiting for.

Credit: cbd-grams.com

CBD, this non-psychotropic substance

The CBD , or cannabidiol, is a non-psychotropic substance. It contains a THC level that remains low, 0.3%, which allows it to be marketed in France. This product is also not addictive or has side effects. In men, CBD is used to reduce stress, relieve certain chronic pains or reduce skin problems. Just like us, animals react to cannabinoids. It is the endocannabinoid system that allows this. Most of the time, cannabidiol is used in cats, dogs and horses. If its positive effect has been proven by clinical studies, it is not necessarily considered a medicine for our hairballs. It's more of a supplement. It is therefore better to ask your veterinarian for advice first. purchase of CBD , if only to have a more precise idea of ​​​​the dosage.

Can CBD be useful for our animals?

The answer to this question is yes. Products made from CBD and intended for our hairballs have several uses:

  • Promote general well-being.
  • Contribute to a balanced social behavior.

And if it cannot cure certain diseases, cannabidiol is today considered a multifunctional food supplement that can be beneficial for our dogs or our cats. More specifically, this substance helps relieve stress and anxiety, but also strengthens the immune and nervous systems of our four-legged friends. What if your dog adopted at the SPA tends to have a dull coat, CBD can restore shine. As for cats with itching, it can be an effective solution, due to its soothing effect.

How do I administer CBD to my animal?

CBD for animals comes in various forms. It is possible to find oil, tablets, capsules or even powder. In general, the easiest way is to put the cannabidiol directly into the mouth of your dog or cat. Thus, the active ingredients will be absorbed more quickly by the mucous membranes. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for Fido or Chaussette to refuse or spit out anything that he does not consider to be food, strictly speaking. In this case, the trick may be to mix the CBD with mash or kibble. Your four-legged friend shouldn't be choosy for too long. When it comes to dosage, it's generally recommended to go for 0.5 milligrams of CBD per pound of body weight.