Cats prefer women to men and science says so

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-21 22:28:02

Scientists claim evidence to support that cats prefer women to men.

This is a question that all feline owners have asked themselves at least once.

The chats do they prefer women or men?

Scientists believe they have found the answer through a very serious study, report our colleagues from And these ladies will be delighted to learn that cats have their favors.

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Cats prefer women, according to science

Researchers from Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest (Hungary) looked into the subject in 2018, calling on 157 cat owners, both men and women.

The latter answered a questionnaire on the behavior, abilities and social interactions of their pet.

From this information, the scientists concluded that, in general, cats preferred women quite simply because the latter have more likely to interact with them ».

L’ study conducted by Hungarian researchers thus demonstrates that women speak and smile much more to their cats than men.

On the other hand, the softness of female voices would also play an important role in this preference, as well as tactility, which is much less present in men.

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Another parameter that is important: the sensitivity to the behavior of cats which can sometimes be perceived as ungrateful. On this aspect, the study shows that women do not take offense, remaining less susceptible than men. A crater line that felines would appreciate.

Regarding the ability to identify the emotions of said felines, their food needs, what they like to do or not do, or what they prefer to play with women are once again the big winners against men.

The study also shows that the degree of empathy of women would be higher than that of men, which is essential in the eyes of cats.

If it's the science who says so!

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