Came to have his glasses checked, a man came out blind from the ophthalmologist

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-22 18:02:02

The patient was mistaken for another and was left blind for a few months. He had to undergo two operations in order to partially regain the use of his eyes.

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While he was thinking of doing a simple check of his eyeglasses rest at his ophthalmologist , a patient came out of the practice completely blind. The patient, who wishes to remain anonymous but who calls himself Adrien by our colleagues from BFMTV, says that the doctor had asked him to sit down and stick his forehead to a machine.

A question for Adrien who nevertheless complied. ' It didn't hurt. I ask him what this machine is, if it's new. He replies no, it's the laser. Once he's finished, he tells me that my vision is going to deteriorate, that I'm going to have cataract surgery this week. And there, he calls me Frederic ».

Too late, the damage is done and after this unnecessary operation, Adrien says ' I lost my sight ».

“I had part of my eye amputated”

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To recover his sight, Adrien underwent two operations. Today, the Marseillais has partially regained the seen but still remains very sensitive to light even though he has to undergo heavy treatment every day.

« I had part of my eye amputated. I am no longer blind, but I survive “, he specifies, pragmatically.

Justice was seized and medico-legal experts concluded to a medical error. For his part, the responsible ophthalmologist does not deny his gesture: “ I'm sorry for this gentleman that things turned out like this. When you mess up, you mess up ».

Despite this admitted fault, the specialist continues to practice in Marseille while a trial should take place soon.