Bus drivers rescued a 2-year-old who was kidnapped after a car theft

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 10:31:02

In Michigan, parents had their car stolen with their 2-year-old child in it. Thanks to the mobilization of two bus drivers, the child was found safe and sound.

In the state of Michigan, two parents saw their child being abducted before their eyes. On October 4, they went near a bus stop to drop off their older child. While they waited, they left their car running with their 2-year-old baby in the back.

During this time, an individual got into the car and left, abducting the child. Distraught, the two parents warned everyone around them, including Dave Skinner, the driver of the bus .

“I was heading to my morning pickup. I was looking down the road and saw people waving their arms to the side. They yelled at me that someone stole their car with their baby in it” , he explained.

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Immediately, Dave Skinner called 911 and radioed the other bus drivers to watch for any signs that would lead to the car and the child being found. Minutes after hearing the call for help, one of the drivers named Sue Figueroa spotted a young child on the side of the road. She immediately turned around to retrieve the little boy.

The boy was found thanks to the bus drivers

The bus driver stopped and carried the little boy who was wrapped in a blanket. It was indeed the child who was in the car that had been stolen. According to investigators, he was left on the side of the road by the kidnapper .

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Sue Figueroa took care of the baby and returned him to his parents, relieved. Thanks to the mobilization and attention of the drivers, the child was found safe and sound.

“Sue Figueroa, David Skinner and Kristin Nickelson have all done a great job bringing this 2 year old back to his parents. Sue and David were the drivers involved and Kristin is the transportation manager who helped them coordinate their efforts” , said James Alston, superintendent of Kelloggsville Public Schools.

At the moment, officers from the police department are looking for the thief. The car has been located but the person responsible for the theft is still at large.

Source : Good Morning America