Bullied at school because of her red hair, she became Miss England

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-19 13:38:02

26-year-old Jessica Gagen has become Miss England and the first redhead to win the beauty pageant.

The beauty contest to elect the new miss england was held in Birmingham a few days ago and the winner has been crowned: 26-year-old Jessica Gagen. During the evening, she beat the other 30 contestants.

Photo credit: Miss England 2022

An aerospace engineering student, Jessica was the victim of intimidation at school. When she was little, she was beaten and even burned by her classmates who spat on her and made fun of her. The reason ? Her red hair.

Criticized at school, she becomes Miss England

To escape the mockery of her classmates, the little girl used to eat her meal in the school toilets.

“Throughout school, people made fun of me for being a redhead. I haven't talked about it much in the competition as I prefer to leave the negativity in the past, but there has never been a red-haired Miss England.' , she said.

Photo credit: Jessica Gagen

Her self-confidence shattered until she signed up with a modeling agency at the age of 18. She walked on catwalks all over the world and gradually regained her self-confidence. For Jessica, it is “important to educate people about what redheads face in school” .

Thereafter, Jessica will compete at Miss World. Today, what she was criticized for when she was little has become her strength. She is the first redhead to become Miss England since the beauty pageant existed, that is to say for 94 years. A beautiful revenge on life and an example for all little red-haired girls.

Photo credit: Miss England 2022

Source : Daily Mail