Brittany: scientists are looking into the question of UFOs, a still unexplained phenomenon

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 13:17:04

To try to learn more about the possible presence of extraterrestrials around the Earth, the GEIPAN collects testimonies from people who have seen UFOs. Several cases in Brittany still remain unexplained.

Are we alone in the universe or observed by extraterrestrials approaching our planet aboard a flying saucer? This question has been questioning us for centuries and the mystery remains unsolved.

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In an attempt to learn more about extraterrestrials, a group of scientists decided to look into the matter. The Group for Studies and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (GEIPAN) has already identified more than 3,000 cases in France, including several in France. Brittany . Today, some of these cases are still unresolved.

3,000 UFO cases in France

According to the testimonies collected by the GEIPAN, several people claim to have already seen strange and luminous shapes in the sky. If it can be planets, meteorological phenomena or satellites, some phenomena remain unexplained.

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Among the 3,000 cases of UFO identified, 33% remain unidentified due to lack of data and 3.3% are still unidentified after investigation. And the examples are astonishing: in 2014, a dark mass with two lights moving at breakneck speed was seen in the Breton sky, before suddenly disappearing.

“A field investigation confirmed the sighting reports of witnesses and several hypotheses were considered, but none corresponded well to the observations. In conclusion, it is an unidentified phenomenon (PAN), observed by two highly reliable witnesses, under ideal observation conditions and which seems to resist all hypotheses, in particular the explanatory hypothesis of the passage of a meteor » , I explained to him GEIPAN à propos de ce cas.

UFOs in Brittany

In 2018, Britons also claimed to have seen a phenomenon light consisting of a yellow bar and a fluorescent green headlight. These lights moved across the sky, changing course several times.

In Morbihan, mysterious facts have been happening in the sky for a very long time. In 1976, a flying object with light beams at each end was observed. Its lights would point towards the ground as it flew, before fading as it lifted. A few years later, a person had severe headaches after seeing a flash of light. The pain immediately disappeared along with the lightning.

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Although the GEIPAN investigation is essentially based on UFO cases in Brittany, scientists are looking for testimonies throughout France. So if you've ever seen unexplained phenomena in the sky, you know who to talk to.

Source : Maxisciences