Brazil: quail eggs hatch in their box offered for sale

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-18 17:36:03

At the end of September, an unusual scene occurred in a Brazilian supermarket: quail eggs hatched in… their box!

In September, a manager of a supermarket located in Campo Maior (Brazil) attended an unusual event. Indeed, some eggs quail hatched in their box stored on a shelf.

Photo Credit: Youtube / ViralHog

« I was surprised to witness the birth of four quails on the shelf of my supermarket “, confides the store manager to a local media. ' The temperature was 38°C and this probably caused the eggs inside the package to hatch ».

A rare event

On the images filmed by the Brazilian and shared on YouTube, we can see the small birds in the middle of the eggshells. One thing is certain: this event is extremely rare. In most cases, eggs marketed in supermarkets are not fertilized.

During hatching, breeders keep the females to become laying hens. However, it is not uncommon to find males in the sorting. Regarding the hatching of quail eggs, the chicks usually come out after 16 to 18 days of incubation.

Photo credit: Youtube / ViralHog

In the comments, Internet users are concerned about the fate reserved for chicks : « poor babies », « I hope it helped them », « I really hope someone took them somewhere warm and took care of them, poor babies “, can we read among the many reactions.

Source : RTL