Bordeaux: cold shower for a handbag thief caught by his ... victim!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-26 18:27:08

On Saturday September 24, a scene worthy of an action movie occurred in the center of Bordeaux: a woman managed to catch up with her thief who had stolen her handbag.

The sprinkler sprinkled! To Bordeaux , a woman who was robbed managed to catch up with her thief after chasing him, report our colleagues from South West.

This scene, which seems straight out of an action movie, took place on the evening of September 24, on the Quai de Richelieu. While the woman and her daughter were seated on the terrace, they were approached by a man, specifies the regional daily.

Photo credit: Istock

And the least we can say is that the latter had a very specific goal: to steal the mother's handbag with the help of an accomplice. To do this, he dropped his smartphone in front of them before showing them the extent of the damage caused to the screen. At the same time, a second individual took advantage of this masquerade to steal the bag placed on a chair, explains the news site.

Photo credit: Istock

Stop me if you can

One thing is certain: the thief did not expect to be pursued by his victim. Indeed, the woman caught him before controlling him in front of several witnesses. Alerted, the police immediately went to the scene.

As Sud Ouest points out, the bag was returned to its courageous owner, and the culprit was arrested before being transferred to the police station. During his police custody, he presented himself as a 16-year-old unaccompanied minor.

However, investigations revealed that he was actually 23 years old. The young man will have to respond to a summons before the criminal court.

Source : South West