Black Friday: this scam that rages on WhatsApp has claimed many victims

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-25 17:07:02

While Black Friday panics the web, a well-crafted scam has slipped among the offers. Follow the leader !

This Friday, November 25, 2022 marks the ' Black Friday “, a commercial event originating in North America, which offers an incalculable number of promotions of all kinds: ready-to-wear, household appliances or travel.

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And the least we can say is that these tempting offers sometimes hide scams. Recently, a scam was spotted by our colleagues from Aufeminin magazine.

A scam that is rampant on WhatsApp

As the information site explains, unscrupulous people do not hesitate to use the technique of 'fishing', which consists of collecting personal and banking information from their victims.

The latest scam - spotted on WhatsApp - uses the image of Air France. It offers its targets a contest allowing them to win plane tickets.

« Hi, it's Black Friday Air France gifts: hurry up, the window of opportunity is closing! Take our quiz, find the hidden prize and win up to two return tickets to Europe “, can we read on the message sent via the mobile application.

Photo credit: illustration image / Istock

The problem? The link that validates participation requires giving banking information, specifies Aufeminin. Unsurprisingly, some people will not hesitate to dive headlong into this well-crafted trap.

After receiving numerous reports, Air France has decided to publish a message to warn Internet users.

As a reminder, if you are the victim of a scam of this type, it is strongly advised to alert your bank in order to oppose it.

Source : Feminine