Birth of a baby tiger at the Amiens zoo, good news for this critically endangered species

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 16:59:02

A month ago, a baby tiger was born at the Amiens zoo. This is a first in France and good news for this critically endangered species.

Photo credit: Zoo of Amiens Métropole

A few weeks ago, the zoological park of Amiens Métropole welcomed a new resident. A tiger from Sumatra was born at the zoo on September 17th. Her parents, Ménya and Argo, mated a few months ago and after her gestation, the female Ménya gave birth in a box provided for this purpose.

“She gave birth there in complete privacy, remaining alone with her little one, under the daily observation of her only animal caregivers” , said the Amiens zoo in a press release.

The baby tiger is healthy

The newborn is a male who is doing well. To his birth , it weighed only 750 grams for about 20 centimeters. At the moment, the baby tiger does not yet have a name.

Photo credit: Zoo of Amiens Métropole

This birth is a first for the nice , who created a breeding program in an effort to save the tiger population. This European Conservation Program (EEP) is coordinated within the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. The goal of the program is to maintain a diverse and sustainable gene pool for the species in captivity.

If this is the first time that a tiger has been born at the Amiens zoo, it is also a first in France this year.

A critically endangered species

This birth is also good news for the species, which is critically endangered. Indeed, there are fewer and fewer tigers in the wild.

“With habitat loss and poaching, all tiger species on our planet are in danger of extinction , explained the zoo. The Sumatran tiger is the most threatened of them since it is classified as critically endangered in the IUCN red list. Indeed, there are only about 400 individuals left in five protected areas, but isolated from each other, on the Indonesian island. »

Photo credit: iStock

The baby tiger started opening its eyes two weeks after birth. For the moment, it is not yet possible to see him at the zoo since the baby will need several months to grow and discover his external environment. Thus, we will have to wait until the 2023 season to meet him.

Source : Mail Picard