Big winner of the Star Academy, Anisha wins 100,000 euros as well as an album

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-28 15:25:02

During the Star Academy final broadcast this Saturday, November 26 on TF1, the big winner of the season was revealed. It is about Anisha, a young woman who has shocked the public.

After six weeks of competition, the Château de la Star Academy closed its doors. This new edition won over viewers who were delighted to see this program again since it was watched by an average of 3.8 million people. A real success for TF1.

Photo credit: TF1

The grand finale of the 2022 edition of Star Academy took place this Saturday, November 26, on TF1. Four finalists competed during the evening: Anisha, Enola, Léa and Louis. After several performances, the public voted for their two favorite contestants, and Anisha and Enola were chosen.

Anisha reports to Star Academy

Following his duet with godfather Robbie Williams and his interpretation of the song Hallelujah , Anisha won the competition by getting 57% of viewers votes.

Anisha is a 22-year-old young woman from Madagascar who now lives in Val d'Oise. From the first emission , she shocked the public with her difficult journey. Over the weeks, Anisha managed to overcome her shyness and surpass herself thanks to Star Academy.

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“Music, I used it as therapy, a means of transmitting messages, emotions , she said. However, I did not necessarily have all the techniques, all the right things to apply. But it is true that it is always the same emotion that transcends me. »

By interpreting I am sick by Serge Lama during the first prime, Anisha delivered a moving performance that made her one of the promotion's favorite candidates. She had also received congratulations from Serge Lama live.

“The message is to always have hope, never give up. , said Anisha. Move forward anyway. Because I am not an isolated case. Everyone goes through difficult times, but I mean you always have to have the courage to move forward. Carry on, no matter what. »

Photo credit: TF1

She wins 100,000 euros and an album

During the adventure, several artists expressed their wish to work with Anisha, as was the case with Slimane and Claudio Capeo. At the end of the show and barely recovered from her emotions, Anisha was able to perform her first single on stage, titled From up there , for the first time. This song was written by Camélia Jordana, Vitaa and Renaud Rebillaud.

The young woman also won 100,000 euros as well as an album at Sony Music France, in order to propel her career start.

Source : TF1 Info