Belgium: the Decathlon brand will change its name and be called... Nolhtaced

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 19:19:02

In Belgium, the sports brand Decathlon will change its name for a month and will be called Nolhtaced. By reversing the letters of the brand, it hopes to promote reverse shopping which allows the resale of unused or used items.

A new communication operation is set up at decathlon . For a month in Belgium, the sports brand will be called Nolhtaced (pronounced Noltakket). Why such a name ? If we read Decathlon backwards, from right to left, we get the new brand name.

Photo credit: Decathlon Belgium

With this change, the brand wants to emphasize reverse shopping. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, consumers have been able to resell their sport old or unused, provided they are in good condition. The items will then be repaired if necessary and then resold under warranty.

Resell sports articles at Decathlon

By selling one of his articles, the customer will receive a voucher valid for two years and for the value of the object sold.

“In addition to buying sports equipment, you can also resell your own old or unused sports equipment. Decathlon repairs it then resells it second-hand and with warranty » , explained the Belgian brand in a press release.

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It will be possible to resell its sporting goods provided that they are still in very good condition. Thus, worn or damaged products cannot be offered for sale. All sporting goods in good condition may be sold except underwear, swimsuits and socks, for hygienic reasons. Safety products, such as bicycle helmets, will also not be part of the items taken back.

Decathlon becomes Nolhtaced

Since the start of the year, 26,000 sporting goods have already been purchased by Decathlon. If this operation has been in place for several months, the Mark would like to further promote this possibility, unknown to the general public.

“The sports chain is stepping up its service and putting it in the spotlight for a month by reversing its name. At first glance, this name change to Nolhtaced may look like a marketing stunt, but above all we want to make our buy-back service known to the widest possible audience and thus reuse as many things as possible, lower the second-hand threshold and increase the purchasing power ' , said Arnaud De Coster, second-hand manager at Decathlon in Belgium.

The change in the name of the brand will be visible on the brand's social networks, in the streets and on the facades of stores in Belgium. According to the brand, the objective of this operation has above all an environmental aim.

“The objective is to reuse as many objects as possible and thus limit the impact on our environment and avoid waste. Thanks to Decathlon's second-hand offer, consumers with low purchasing power also have the opportunity to buy quality sports equipment at a lower price.' , concluded the sign.

The perfect opportunity to get rid of your old sports business while getting a good deal.

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