Belgium: a man had the fright of his life when he discovered this insect at home

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-14 12:32:02

In Belgium, a Brussels resident had the unpleasant surprise of discovering an unidentified flying insect in his home.

If you suffer from entomophobia, this article may give you cold sweats! Recently, Waled, a young Brussels 20 years old, lived a real waking nightmare when an unidentified flying insect entered his home, report our colleagues from RTL.

Photo credit: Waled / RTL info

And the least we can say is that the little intruder did not hesitate to scare the owners of the premises. Indeed, the creature jumped on the ear of Waled's mother: ' He tried to break in “, explains the Belgian to the information site.

Faced with this situation, the young man caught the beast before throwing it out. At that time, he still didn't know what species the bug belonged to. Still according to him, several of his neighbors have seen this type of insect in the neighborhood.

A harmless insect

It is in this context that Waled contacted the RTL info editorial staff via the orange “Alert us” button to find out more about this funny incident. INSECT . Result: this specimen is not an alien, but a rove beetle: ' They are harmless insects for humans and very common in gardens in Belgium », explains Frédéric Francis, head of the entomology unit at the Agro-Bio Tech Faculty in Gembloux.

Photo Credit: Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors /

You may not know it, but this beetle belongs to the Staphylinidae family: “ They are invertebrate predators or scavengers. Some are scavengers and consume decaying organic matter “says the specialist.

Rest assured, it is not uncommon to come across rove beetles in houses as winter approaches: “ They are therefore auxiliary insects, very useful because they limit the populations of insect pests of crops and ornamental plants. “, concludes the expert.

Source : RTL info