Because of his big nose, this little boy is mocked and compared to Pinocchio

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-21 19:34:01

Since birth, a little boy with a deformed nose has been the victim of teasing. Faced with this situation, his mother decided to share photos of her son so that other children would not be teased.

Ollie is not your average little boy. Indeed, the latter suffers from an encephalocele, a malformation extremely rare. It is characterized by ' protrusion of nerve tissue and meninges through an opening in the skull, due to incomplete closure of the skull », explains Manuel MSD on their site.

Result: the piece of cabbage sports a growth on the nose. Amy Poole, Ollie's mum, discovered that her son had this serious anomaly when she was 20 weeks pregnant. ' At first I wasn't sure if I could accept this news, but I knew very quickly that I would like it no matter what it looked like. “, entrusted the mother of the family in the columns of the Daily Mail.

Photo Credit: Ollie Trezise / Facebook

At birth, the infant underwent surgery lasting several hours to replace the brain in the skull. But that's not all ! This operation also made it possible to reconstruct the boy's nasal orifice. Today, little Ollie has a mark on his skull.

The little boy is being teased

Unsurprisingly, his “Pinocchio nose” is subject to many teasing . It is for this reason that Amy decided to share photos of her son so that other children do not suffer the same fate as Ollie.

'I don't want other children to suffer the same nasty comments as Ollie, and I think the best solution is to inform the public,' she told the British daily.

Note that 50% of newborns affected by encephalocele have associated congenital malformations.

Source : Parents