Be careful, this bad habit with your fridge could cost you dearly

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-03 17:32:01

If you have the habit of attaching drawings, shopping lists or magnets to your fridge, beware: this bad habit could cost you dearly.

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Who has never entered a kitchen and noticed a fridge covered in magnets, children's drawings, shopping lists or postcards?

If you are one of those people who like to hang souvenirs on their fridge , be careful: this is a bad habit that could cost you dearly.

Watch out for the magnets on the fridge

Indeed, it is advisable not to attach magnets or magnets to a fridge, especially if it is recent. The magnets produce magnetic waves which can damage the external part of the fridge. This is particularly the case for the most modern fridges, which have a touch panel.

Eventually, the magnets and their waves may damage the device, requiring you to purchase a new one. fridge .

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If the magnets could damage your device, there is no danger for the food. The magnetic waves do not penetrate inside the fridge and only act on the outer door. You will have understood: the more recent your fridge, the less it will support the magnets!

If you absolutely want to hang souvenirs with magnets in your home, know that there are iron plates specially designed to receive decorative magnets. These plates can be placed anywhere in the house, for your greatest pleasure!

Source : Marie-France