Be careful, removing this part from your car could cost you a fine of 7500 euros

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-24 13:13:02

Note to drivers: even if you have the choice to remove this element from your car for practical reasons, doing so exposes you to a hefty fine. Explanations.

While fuel prices are rising again in France, motorists have no choice but to find a way to save money. essence . One of these tricks can be summed up in three words: particulate filter (DPF).

You may not know it, but the DPF is used to filter the polluting particles emitted by the engines. But some people are quick to delete it when the system gets clogged. It must be said that its maintenance generates high costs.

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But that's not all ! Removing the particulate filter mainly reduces fuel consumption. The problem? This practice is simply illegal.

A heavy fine for offenders

Indeed, in 2011, France made the presence of a particle filter on the vehicles diesel-powered. Note that this equipment is also present on some petrol cars.

Therefore, if you own a diesel car and you have chosen to get rid of the DPF, you expose yourself to a heavy fine. The Highway Code prohibits remove a pollution control device '. This law also applies to petrol engines.

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In total, offenders risk receiving a fine of 7,500 euros, especially during the technical inspection. As you will have understood, it is better to keep your particle filter!

Source : Health+Mag