Basque country: four friends from the Landes climbed the Rhune in 1h27... perched on stilts, a feat!

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-14 18:09:02

There was no judge from the Guinness Book of Records committee, yet it was a real feat that four friends from Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse, in the Landes, achieved. Perched on stilts, they managed to climb the Rhune, a peak in the Basque Country.

Credit: Vanessa Larrere

This is the crazy bet that four friends, Jackson Bascou, Stéphane Arrangoïs, Ludovic Gonzalez and Nicolas Marquis took on eight years ago. It is finally this autumn that the four tyrossais fixed their ascension on the stilts for November 12.

This Saturday, the friends of the folk group Lous Crabots de Semisens met to make their bet, not without fears despite the few scoutings carried out several weeks ago. It must be said that there is something to be worried about, the path they have to take is strewn with stones and steep slopes.

But at 10 a.m. that day, the Landes friends were able to count on the surprise presence of their friends who had been informed only a few days earlier of their journey: “ When we arrived in the parking lot of Ascain, and we discovered 25 friends waiting for us with banners and T-shirts, it gave us a boost! “, confided Nicolas Marquis to our colleagues from West France .

The summit of La Rhune reached in 1h27

Credit: Julien Scavini

From this complicated and winding path, the four friends have nevertheless made short work of it. Jackson Bascou, who started first, with his feet and calves attached to stilts 1.10 meters off the ground, climbed the 905 meters of La Rhune in 1 hour 27 minutes.

A real success which the 25 friends of the Landais attended, accompanying them to the peak of the Pyrenees . « We felt like we were growing wings! “, said Nicolas.

« The hardest thing to manage is not to lose your balance on the stones. Of course, we are equipped with more comfortable stilts than during our shows. We have sports shoes directly attached to them. But we are still at the mercy of a slip. Not to mention the wind that blows when you approach the top “says Jackson whose speed even surprised the walkers.

The four friends are now encouraging other stilt walkers to take up this crazy challenge.

Jackson Bascou, Stephane Arrangois, Ludovic Gonzalez, Nicolas Marquis. Credit: Vanessa Larrere