Aveyron: a six-legged calf was successfully operated on

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 11:10:02

Two months ago, a farm witnessed an unusual event: the birth of a six-legged calf. The little herbivore underwent an operation to remove the extra limbs.

A rare event has occurred on a farm in Aveyron (Occitanie). Indeed, a six-legged calf has pointed the tip of its nostrils, report our colleagues from Center Presse Aveyron.

Photo credit: Pézenas Veterinary Clinic

The six-legged calf underwent an operation

As the departmental daily reports, the small mammal lived with his disability for two months. On November 4, he had to undergo surgery to remove his additional attributes, the news site explains.

Luckily, the operation went without a hitch. A success that delights the veterinary clinic of Pézenas, in the Hérault:

« In Aveyron, a calf was born with six legs. He lived quite normally for two months until his operation (2h30 intervention!!!) by colleagues which went very well. Congratulations to them “, can we read under the Facebook post of the clinic.

This is not the first time that a calf suffering from a malformation has been born. On January 15, a calf two-headed was born on a farm in southern India. The latter is suffering from polycephaly, a genetic anomaly “comparable to that affecting Siamese twins”.

Photo Credit: Screenshot

Source : Aveyron Press Center