At 80, here is 'the dirtiest man in the world', he has not washed for... 60 years

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-13 17:11:01

In the south of Iran, it is possible to meet the one who is nicknamed 'the dirtiest man in the world'. Aged 80, Amoo Hadji has not washed for 60 years.

If you happen to feel dirty because you haven't showered for several days, rest assured: there is a lot worse than you. Amoo Hadji is an 80-year-old man from southern Iran who is famous for… his dirt .

Credit photo : @carlos_ajtz

Indeed, the man has not washed for 60 years and inherited the title of 'the dirtiest man in the world'.

The dirtiest man in the world lives alone

Amoo Hadji would have made the choice to live far from others and no longer doing since he was 20 years old. 60 years later, he can no longer hide it: his filthy beard and his brown skin are proof that his skin has not been washed for a very long time.

Credit photo : @carlos_ajtz

If we do not know much about the occupations of Amoo Hadji, we know that he likes to spend time alone in nature. In addition to this, he has the particularity of smoking a pipe, which he fills not with tobacco but with dried animal excrement that he finds in nature. Some villagers have tried to help him by bringing him drinking water and meals, in vain: the man prefers to drink rainwater and eat rotting animals, such as porcupines.

Amoo Hadji has a strong immune system

If this man has been widely criticized on the internet for his lack of hygiene, do you really have to wash every day to be clean? Nothing is less certain according to the dermatologists , who claim that it would be inadvisable to wash every day, as this would attack the skin and make it drier.

Credit photo : @carlos_ajtz

Contrary to what one might think, Amoo has no health problems related to his lack of hygiene. Living like this has allowed him to develop a very strong immune system that allows him to defeat viruses and diseases. However, the man suffers from trichinosis, a disease that is caught by eating raw meat.

If the Iranian lives apart like a hermit, it is partly because he does not wash, but also by choice. Indeed, he would have decided to live this way following a disappointment in love. This way of life could therefore come from a psychological and emotional shock, or simply be another way of living one's life.

Source : Marie-France