At 60, she travels 14,000 km to marry a 30-year-old Maasai tribesman

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-06 16:00:02

A 60-year-old American woman traveled more than 14,000 kilometers to marry a Maasai tribesman 30 years her junior.

This romance began in 2017 on a beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania (East Africa). At the time, 60-year-old American Deborah and her daughter were strolling on the hot sand when they encountered two Maasai tribesmen, including Saitoty, a 30-year-old street vendor.

She travels 14,000 km to be happy

After refusing to buy a souvenir, the 60-year-old still agreed to take a photo with the merchants. And the least we can say is that Deborah and Saitoty got along well since they formed a beautiful friendship.

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Back in the United States, the one who worked as a police officer kept in touch with the young man. And what was his surprise when the latter asked her to marry him. A discussion with her children encouraged the Californian to accept, despite her concerns about the age difference.

The retired returned to Tanzania in December of the same year to reunite with her future husband. They said yes in June 2018 during a traditional ceremony. Since then, Deborah goes by the Maasai name Nashipai and lives with her husband and family in Tanzania.

« I never expected to marry someone much younger than me, but he is the kindest and most caring man “, she told the LADbible site.

Before adding: When he asked me to marry him, I thought he was crazy. But my children and my family told me that I shouldn't worry about the age difference because I had been alone long enough and deserved to be happy. ».

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An inconvenient union

Unsurprisingly, this love story received a flood of criticism, and some members of Deborah's entourage disapproved of her marriage: Saitoty was accused of only being with me to get a green card, when he does not want to live in the United States '. Obviously, the age difference between the two spouses does not pass: “ People ask me if I adopted him or if I'm his grandmother Deborah revealed.

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Faced with this torrent of reflections, the couple made the choice to focus on his happiness: “ The first time I saw her, I felt like I saw an angel. We laughed, took a picture and it melted my heart. She's beautiful and kind, and she supports me Saitoty said of his wife.

Source : LADbible