At 45, she returns to live with her parents and does not regret her choice

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 15:34:02

Returning to live with your parents as an adult is not an easy experience and sometimes causes a feeling of failure. A teacher who returned to the family home after her divorce does not share this point of view, and explains why in a testimony.

When her marriage ends after 19 years together, Laurel Collins, an American teacher, decides to return to live with her parents at the age of 45. A temporary situation that will allow him to bounce back. But not everything went as planned. As the year 2023 approaches, Laurel Collins still lives with her parents. In a testimony published in the HuffPost , the 50-year-old reveals why she decided to stay.

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Find a balance to get along better

At first, the teacher explains that the cohabitation was not easy: “ Living with them was an exercise in patience (…) They have their quirks, but I also have mine ».

Luckily, the whole household managed to find a balance over time: “ It may be a little chaotic, but we work well together, we help each other, we inspire and we congratulate each other. “said the 51-year-old American.

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And the least we can say is that his situation is not exceptional. As the American media points out, the proportion of Americans living in a multigenerational household has nearly quadrupled in recent years ».

A complicated love life

Obviously, the fact of living with her parents has consequences on the love life of the forties: “ The Rendez Vous ? It is more complicated due to the lack of privacy ».

However, she was able to adapt to this new configuration: “ I like the idea of ​​taking the slower route and getting to know potential partners better before introducing them to the whole family that lives under one roof. “, she explained.

Before adding: If I find a partner, maybe I will make a different choice. But for now, I'm staying, because the opportunity to be present in the daily lives of those I love is far better than going it alone. » . Note that his little sister, aged forty, has returned to the family home.

Source : Marie-France