At 13, she goes to the headquarters of Google and Facebook to ask for more emojis with glasses

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 18:56:04

Convictions and fights do not wait for the number of years. The proof with this 13-year-old British teenager who is currently fighting to get more glasses emojis from Google and Facebook.

Credit: North Edinburgh News

For several years now, Lowri Moore has been campaigning to promote the cause of young people who wear glasses in their daily lives. But recently, she took it a step further by heading to Google and Facebook headquarters in London to share her case for the worthy cause. This visit follows a letter she had sent on November 2 to these two companies.

Her campaign, which she leads on social networks through the hashtag “#GlassesOn” (understand “glasses on the nose” in French), aims to ensure that children who wear glasses are no longer stigmatized or made fun of for their appearance. According to Lowri Moore, their representation is not yet optimal and that is why she has decided to step up to the plate on this subject.

Credit: North Edinburgh News

It all started when her mom got it into her head to find a emoji who could look like his daughter, in vain. “She looked at those who might have represented me, but she only found a 'geek' image. As she continued to search, she came across a grandmother and a teacher, which obviously didn't represent me at all.' she confided to our colleagues at AFP.

Her extraordinary abnegation is paying off: the young schoolgirl inspired the American giant Disney for its film “Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family” whose heroine wears glasses. And don't see that as a coincidence. Indeed, the director of the animated film released in 2021, Jared Bush, himself admitted having brought this detail to the look of the main character after receiving a letter from Lowri Moore.

Credit: Disney

A new option?

To succeed, the teenager wrote to the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization based in California, asking them to take her remarks into account so that everyone can feel represented at their fair value. In her letter, of which she sent a copy to Google and Facebook, she puts forward the idea of ​​setting up an option which would make it possible to add eyeglasses on the already existing emojis. According to her, 'the only current emoji wearing glasses can be harmful because it contributes to the dissemination of a negative stereotype which is very difficult to destroy' .

Credit: North Edinburgh News

Credit: North Edinburgh News