At 102, he organizes a fake wedding to prove that he is still alive

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-30 11:40:08

An Indian centenarian was forced to marry to prove to the administration that he was still alive.

Older marriage, happy marriage?

This is the saying that perfectly suits a certain Duli Chand, an Indian who has just married at the canonical age of… 102 years old.

A sumptuous, colorful ceremony with costumes, fanfare and horse-drawn carriage.

But this late wedding actually hides a ploy that the poor centenarian had to put in place to show his credentials.

At 102, he marries to prove that he is alive and well

Duli indeed staged a fake wedding on September 8 in the town of Rohtak, north of Inside , to prove to the Indian administration that he was alive.

That day, the wedding procession therefore took the direction of a local government office to restore the truth and affirm loud and clear that Duli is alive and well!

A life-size pastiche which was to allow him to recover compensation that was withdrawn from him when he is still entitled to it.

An administrative error is at the origin of this imbroglio because according to the local registers, Duli is… deceased and can therefore no longer claim these allowances. An ubiquitous situation that has something to smile about, but the living conditions of the centenary have necessarily suffered.

« My old age pension was stopped in March because government records indicate that I died (…) Since then, I have tried in vain to prove that I am still alive Duli Chand told local media during the fake September 8 ceremony.

The idea for the latter was suggested to him by Naveen Jaihind, a social worker touched by the story of the old man.

« We contacted various government offices and even organized a press conference, to no avail. We thought of a wedding procession as a way to attract attention “, Explained the person concerned, who also specified that many people, in the same situation as Duli Chand, had contacted him since.

Source: AFP