At 101, she goes on a two-year trip with her granddaughter and thwarts doctors' predictions

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-11 15:35:02

This 101-year-old grandmother and her granddaughter have proven that it is possible to defy the odds and achieve your dreams regardless of age. A great life lesson.

Credit: Franceinfo

In his book 101 years old - Granny goes on the road , Fiona Lauriol recounts her trip to camping-car with his grandmother Dominique, 101 spring. For two years, the two women traveled across Europe.

In a report for the 13 Hours of France 2 , Fiona Lauriol tells how this idea of ​​traveling between two generations came about. The young woman explains that nearly two years ago, doctors gave only a few weeks to live for Dominique, then 101 years old.

Determined to make her travel one last time, Fiona Lauriol then took control… of a motorhome.

Crunch the life in a motorhome

Credit: Glavo/Pixabay

« She had always told me about the Côte d'Azur, but she had never been there. I offered her Lourdes, because she was very religious, the Côte d'Azur and her native village in Italy “says Fiona Lauriol in her book.

Dominique and Fiona went on a trip for two and a half years. They traveled the south of Europe , notably Spain and Portugal, to reach 15,000 kilometers on the clock. In their road-trip, Dominique thwarted all the predictions of the doctors, since she celebrated two birthdays, until her 103 years.

« It showed me that you had to crunch life to the end, you shouldn't say to yourself: 'that's it, they're too old' “, learned Fiona Lauriol. Today, the granddaughter is fulfilling the promise she made to her Grandmother , who has since died, write their journey in a book.