Ashton Kutcher raises $1 million for charity by running the New York Marathon

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-08 19:40:01

Ashton Kutcher participated in the New York Marathon. By crossing the finish line, the actor raised $1 million which will be donated to charity.

The famous marathon of New York was held this Sunday, November 6. 50,000 participants ran through the streets of the city for 42 kilometers. For the occasion, Asthon Kutcher was in the crowd. For a few months, the actor had been training to participate in the marathon. Thanks to his intense efforts, he lost 5 kilos. He also got injured, but was able to get back to training quickly.

“Maybe I started a little too early. I think I started six months ago, it's brutal on the body. I got injured halfway through and now I feel like I have recovered from the injury. I got a lot of help.' , he said.

Photo credit: @aplusk

For training, Ashton Kutcher ran on treadmills and on nature trails. As he found it boring, he then made lives in which he chatted with his friends like Natalie Portman or Kim Kardashian, while training in his basement to pass the time.

Ashton Kutcher raises $1 million

After months of trying, the actor finally showed up for the marathon New York , managed to run the 42 kilometers and crossed the finish line. In addition to being a personal success, this feat is also a solidarity event. Indeed, Ashton Kutcher raised $ 1 million thanks to his race, donations that were paid by his relatives and his fans.

Photo credit: @aplusk

The money raised will be donated to the charity created by the actor which aims to fight against the sexual exploitation of children on the internet. A sporting event that allowed the actor to surpass himself and do a good deed.

Source : Daily Mail