Argentina: quadri amputee, Théo Curin manages to finish one of the most difficult open water races in the world

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-17 13:59:01

Paralympic athlete Théo Curin has completed one of the most difficult open water races in the world: after 9 hours of swimming, the quadri amputee athlete covered 57 km and became the first disabled athlete to finish the race.

In November 2021, Théo Curin achieved a first sporting feat by swimming across Lake Titicaca. The 22-year-old sportsman decided to take on a new challenge by signing up for the Santa Fé-Coronda open water race in Argentina. 57 km long, this race is one of the most difficult in the world.

Photo credit: @tcurin

The tenacity of Théo Curin is impressive since the athlete is disabled. Victim of a lightning bacterial meningitis, he is amputated of the four members.

Quadri amputated, he swims for almost 9 hours

To cover the 57 kilometres, Théo Curin swam alone for 8h52. For “changing the perception of disability” , the young man had invited two other young people with disabilities to attend the event.

'I really thought I wasn't going to go to the end, I had a really bad shoulder quite quickly after the start of the race and I knew that I still had to hold on for a long time. But thanks to my coach Stéphane and the encouragement of the spectators and my whole team over the kilometres, I hung on and arrived at the end of the 57 kilometres” , confided Theo.

Photo credit: @tcurin

L’ exploit Théo's sport is a remarkable performance because this race is not easy: the water is hot, opaque and muddy. It is punctuated by many strong currents that can drag swimmers.

He becomes the first disabled athlete to finish the race

To train, Théo Curin was able to count on the help of his coach Stéphane Lecat, who has already won the race four times. For several months, Theo followed an intense training program, as well as mental preparation.

“I am extremely proud of Théo, of his performance of course, which is simply incredible, but also of his attitude during the race. , confided his trainer Stéphane Lecat. He suffered and had difficult passages to manage, but at no time did he demobilize. The atmosphere at the end of the river and the support of the public were incredible, this race is definitely unique in the world. »

Photo credit: @tcurin

Thanks to his incredible performance, Théo became the first disabled athlete to finish this very difficult race.

'I'm proud to be the first to cross the finish line of this crazy race, it's a strong sign' , Theo concluded proudly.

Source : 20 Minutes