Argentina: a hunter died after being charged by the bison he had just shot at

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-04 09:37:02

In Argentine , the sport hunting trade is still legal. And this very controversial practice sometimes leads to dramas on the side of the hunters. Recently, one of them was killed by a bison he had just shot.

Credit: AFP

The scene took place during an organized hunting party in a rural area of ​​the province of Entre Ríos, located in the northeast of the country, not far from the city of Rosario. The Mexican hunter who lost his life is Mario Alberto Canales, the director of the Mexican Hunting Federation (Femeca). When he and the three other people who accompanied him had just shot at an adult bison weighing about one ton, the animal, seeing that its life was in danger, charged at it before hitting it violently with its horns.

The bison eventually died after hunters alongside Mario Alberto Canales returned fire, hitting him five times at close range. With no phone signal and unable to call an ambulance, the director of Femeca had to be transported to the nearest hospital in a private van. He arrived at the clinic with fractured ribs and sternum, as well as bruises on various parts of his body. He was pronounced dead a few hours later from his injuries.

Credit: Entre Rios Books

An investigation is underway

The local public prosecutor's office is conducting the investigation to find out more precisely the circumstances of the accident. Among the points that raise questions, the police officers in charge of the file wonder in particular whether Mario Alberto Canales had the necessary authorizations to hunt in this area. Either way, one thing is for sure, at least one of the people present that day will need to show proper documentation to hunt buffalo in that area.

This incredible story has shed light on the trade in hunt sports, more denounced than ever by animal defenders, but still legal in most parts of the country. For example, in places like Punta Caballos, animals such as buffaloes, deer and antelopes are bred to become prey for their customers as adults.