Apple confirms that the next iPhones will be equipped with a USB-C port

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:51:15

The giant Apple has confirmed that the iPhone, in its next versions, will adopt the USB-C port and thus leave out its own charger.

Credit: Tech Radar

Greg Joswiak and Craig Federighi, vice president of marketing and vice president of software engineering at Apple, announced the big news 4 days ago, during an interview with our American colleagues from the Wall Street Journal. This appearance of USB-C on the iPhone had not been officially confirmed by the brand, but it was certain that it would happen since future legislation will require it. Thus, the manufacturer is only complying with the rules of the market.

Indeed, the European Union will require all phones, tablets and cameras to use USB-C for charging before the end of 2024. Based on the typical release cycle of Apple for newer iPhone models, this means that the iPhone 16 will have to come with a USB Type-C port, although Apple may decide to make the switch as soon as next year on the iPhone 15, without waiting for the last moment to get up to speed.

Greg Joswiak doesn't think forcing the switch to USB-C for all devices is the right thing for governments to do, and he even claims it will lead to more e-waste. We can especially imagine the shortfall for Apple because from now on iPhone owners will be able to charge their laptop with any charger.

Credit : Agus Subianto / iStock

An ecological measure

That being said, when it comes to complying with the new rules, he says: “It is obvious that we will have to comply with it, we have no choice. » If Apple refuses to make the transition, it will not be able to sell new iPhone in any EU country, which is obviously unthinkable. And while over time many cables and accessories will no doubt become superfluous, in the long term, the move to USB-C should help reduce electronic waste generation and encourage recycling.

Really good news, isn't it?