Annoyed, this mother regrets the first name she gave to her daughter because no one knows how to pronounce it

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-31 08:52:55

A young mother recently shared her regrets about the first name she gave her daughter and the reason is surprising.

We never repeat it enough, but the choice of first name for a child can have serious consequences.

Sarah Sollars knows this better than anyone!

This mom regrets having named her daughter 'Llewelyn' because no one can pronounce this name. This is what she explains in a TikTok video that has gone viral, posted on October 11 on the social network.

She regrets the original but unpronounceable first name she gave to her daughter

Sarah says in particular that she fell in love with this first name after seeing a famous feature film that marked her.

« I had never heard this first name, apart from the main character of « No Country for Old Men, and it's an amazing movie “, confides the mother of the family.

Photo credit: @sarah.r.sollars / TikTok screenshot

Adoring the originality of Llewelyn, she therefore chose to give this first name to her daughter , now 2 years old

But she will very quickly become disillusioned when she realizes that no one can pronounce it.

« I named her 'Llewelyn' and what I get is 'Luluin' (…) It's 10 o'clock at night and I'm thinking about how I named my daughter. Anyway, I chose to write his first name Llewelyn and I realize that I should have chosen Lou Ellen, it really is more feminine “, she explains, annoyed, in her video.

In the comments of the latter, several Internet users have also confided to having had similar experiences with their child, experiencing today the same regrets as Sarah.

Morality, you have to think before choosing!