An influencer breaks an unusual world record by sitting on a toilet for 138 hours

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:21:02

Focus on an absurd and impressive record that was set by one of our Belgian neighbors.

While the news obviously remains dominated by the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, who breathed her last this Thursday at the age of 96, here is a little lighter news that is likely to amuse more of one, or not.

A Belgian influencer named Raphaël Laurent thus beat a record for the less unusual at the end of August while remaining seated for almost 6 days on… bathroom .

Yes, you read that right, this is not a joke!

Photo Credit: @raphiquii_ / TikTok Screenshot

He sits on a toilet for 128 hours and 30 minutes and breaks a new record

Very active on TikTok where he has nearly 180,000 subscribers, the person concerned – who calls himself raphiquii – has indeed spent 138 hours and 30 minutes on the toilet, thus dethroning one of his compatriots who held until now the previous record with 120 minutes.

His 'achievement' owes nothing to chance, as he had meticulously prepared it after taking on this challenge that he knew was within his reach.

« I looked on the internet which record I could break. And that's when I saw that a Fleming had set the world record for the longest person sitting on a toilet. I told myself that this one, there was a way that I try it! “, thus Raphaël Laurent, questioned by our colleagues from Parisian.

Only small downside for him, he hoped to last 7 whole days, but his body betrayed him, after almost 6 days.

Illustrative image. Photo credit: Istock

His performance was not without consequence on his health, however, since he suffered in particular from the swelling of one of his legs. A small collateral damage which however did not prevent him from appreciating his record at its fair value.

The story does not say, however, if he was done c…. on the throne!

Source : The Parisian