An American student meets her future husband in the Paris metro

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-20 18:26:01

Finding love in the Paris metro seems impossible to you? However, this is what happened to Andye, an American who has since made perfect love with Steven.

Credit: @DyeTravels

Andye, American student living in Paris for only three days, was in the Paris metro when she met her future husband. ' I took the metro to go back to my friend's place; that's where he got on “says the young woman for CNN .

This person is Steven, a 24-year-old Central African student at the time they met, in September 2019. In a subway crowded with people, the two young people notice each other, then do not stop observing each other during the journey.

« We kept watching each other. He turned to look at me and I looked away, and we went on like this for a good quarter of an hour. “recalls the young woman.

A little something clicked and Steven finally found a way to approach the conversation with Andye. ' When our eyes finally met and neither of us looked away, I saw his lips move. So I took off one of my headphones adds Andye. Steven asked him if Andye could move his backpack so he could sit in the empty seat next to him.

A fairytale-like encounter

Credit: herryway/Pixabay

From that moment, the two students almost never left each other. Andye nevertheless returned to Amsterdam to graduate before she returned to Paris to reunite with Steven. Despite their love, Andye returned home to the United States. ' We kept hoping to see each other again without knowing when it would be possible confesses Andye.

After a somewhat complicated long-distance relationship, the lovebirds found each other. Three years almost to the day after their meeting, on September 16, 2019, Andye and Steven got married. When the couple recount their meeting, many compare it to a fairy tale.

Andye is still surprised at their meeting in an unusual place: “ There are days when I say to her: ‘my God, I am married to a foreigner whom I met in the metro in Paris!’ ».

Andye and Steven now live in Florida.