Alsace: four boys find and return stolen jewelry

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-09 18:28:02

In Alsace, four children who were out for a walk discovered a real treasure under a bridge.

The facts took place in Storckensohn, a small town located near Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin).

While walking near a stream, two brothers and two neighbors aged 6 to 10 discovered two white plastic bags under a bridge, report our colleagues from the Alsace .

The bags contained stolen jewelry

Without real surprise, the boys did not hesitate to take a look inside. The bags contained a heap of jewellery, including necklaces and rings and other ornaments: For them, that's it, it's the loot! It's the treasure that they found... extraordinary! “, explains Jacques Karcher, the mayor of the village, to the information site.

Photo Credit: Illustrative Image/Istock

Faced with this situation, the four friends decided to take their find to their parents. As the media specifies, the adults then alerted the mayor of the town. It is in this context that the loot ended up at the gendarmerie.

And the least we can say is that this discovery made a person happy. Indeed, the jewels had been stolen during a burglary which occurred last summer in a neighboring town, underlines Ouest France.

The children were rewarded

The fourth boys received the medal of 'common recognition' at the last municipal council. This distinction aims to salute their 'honesty', as well as their civic sense.

« It's a good example of kids doing their civic duty, it's pretty bombastic, but they respect nature, then if they see something that's not normal, they take it to their parents, they don't don't try to appropriate it “says Jacques Karcher.

Photo Credit: Illustrative Image/Istock

Source : RTL