Aldi fans, they get married in the store where they usually do their shopping

Author: Clark Tos
2022-11-17 12:47:01

Two Americans got married in a store they are fans of. This is the unusual story of the day.

A ceremony of wedding is nothing trivial and everything must be perfect on this day that celebrates the love between two beings.

The choice of the place in which the newlyweds will unite is therefore essential and this turns out to be a real headache. If many dream of saying yes in an idyllic setting to live a real fairy tale, some prefer to play the card of originality, even if it means arousing some mockery.

This is particularly the case of Mike and Jessica Hurd who decided to spend the best day of their lives in a… supermarket .

They get married in the Aldi supermarket they love so much

fan of the brand period , this American couple got married in one of the stores of the famous discount brand. And not just any since it is the one in which they are used to shopping every Sunday.

This funny ceremony of wedding took place on November 9 in an Aldi supermarket in the city of Batavia, located in the greater suburbs of Chicago (Illinois) and all costs were borne by the German brand.

« Getting married at Aldi is like a dream come true “said the two lovebirds, who were able to unite in this way after winning a competition organized by Aldi, in which 500 couples participated.

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Jessica and Mike also said that this store means a lot to them because it is one of the few places where they can meet together. Each working staggered hours, they only cross paths during the week. Sunday shopping has therefore become a very important ritual for the couple over time.

A beautiful and original story, but also a nice marketing move for Aldi!

Since its arrival across the Atlantic in 2017, the German brand aims to flood the American discount market with the aim of dethroning its rival Lidl, which is better established and has more than 2,000 stores in the United States.

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