After wreaking havoc on a train, a group of 11 friends ordered to compensate all passengers

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-25 12:06:02

A group of friends who were celebrating the bachelor party of one of them have just been sentenced by a Spanish court to compensate the passengers of a train that arrived late because of their behavior.

Credit: VitalyEdush/iStock

On Monday October 24, the Spanish railway company Renfe announced in a press release that eleven young people had been ordered to compensate the 216 passengers of a train which they had borrowed.

On July 6, 2018, the eleven friends stood out for their disrespectful behavior on board a TGV linking Madrid to Malaga. The group of young people, gathered for a bachelor party, had been surprised ' shouting, singing, banging on the walls of the train, and not obeying calls for calm from Renfe staff “, specifies the press release.

The company then tried to apply its regulations by evacuating unruly passengers and causing ' disturbing public order or endangering transport safety ', without success.

The eleven friends sentenced to reimburse 7676 euros to the company

Credit: Bob Douglas/iStock

After unsuccessful attempts to get the group of friends off at Cordoba station, before its terminus, the police were dispatched to the scene. The group of friends finally left the TGV before it resumed its journey.

Renfe did not stop there, however. The railway company had brought the case before a Madrid court which has just ruled in its favor.

The discord led by the friends four years ago had delayed the train by 23 minutes when it arrived at Journey . Renfe then compensated the passengers for 7,676 euros. But this Monday, the Madrid court ordered the eleven friends to reimburse the company for the same amount, or 697.82 euros from each friend's pocket.