After winning 205 million euros, this couple loses them in the worst way

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-25 16:05:02

A young English couple had an unfortunate adventure with their Euromillions ticket. Thinking they had won the sum of 205 million euros, they finally fell from the height when they learned that their ticket had not been validated.

Credit: Pixavril/iStock

By subscribing to an automatic subscription to the lottery European, Rachel and Liam thought it would be enough to simply wait impatiently for the correct draw of their chosen numbers.

Each week, their subscription allowed them to play the same numbers : 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11. On this day in February 2021, the couple from Hertfordshire, north London, hit the jackpot. £182million had just been won, reports The Independant .

The two young people, then aged 19 and 21, then received a confirmation text message from Camelot, the operator responsible for the lottery in Great Britain, to inform them of their victory.

'I was heartbroken'

Credit: Rachel Kennedy/iStock

This incredible story had an unthinkable turnaround for the couple. As the story goes The Sun , Rachel then called the number provided in the text message to collect her winnings. That's when she fell from above.

« You have the correct numbers, but you did not have the funds in your account to pay for the ticket, so it was not validated an employee told him.

Indeed, by subscribing to a weekly subscription, the couple had forgotten to put money in their Euromillions account in order to be debited at each draw and to validate their ticket. Thus, the latest (from 2.50 pounds sterling) having allowed them to win the 205 million euros, could not be validated.

« I was heartbroken when we heard the man on the phone say we didn't buy the ticket “, tells the young man, to the English media.

Since that day, the couple has not stopped playing Euromillions , but is now betting on new numbers.

Source : BFM TV