After surgery for a fractured shoulder, a patient catches fire on the operating table

Author: Clark Tos
2023-01-23 21:07:02

A Russian patient came to the hospital for surgery for a broken shoulder when she suddenly caught fire on the operating table. The circumstances of this extremely rare incident are yet to be determined.

Credit: Gumpanat/iStock

Going to a hospital in Moscow, Russia for a broken shoulder, a patient certainly didn't expect to receive treatment...for burns.

The patient, whose name we do not know, had an unpleasant mishap several days ago. It was in a Russian message shared on Twitter that the incredible story was told before being relayed by several Russian media.

An investigation opened after the fire

Credit: Gabriel Trujillo/ iStock

While she was in the process of being operated on, the patient suddenly caught fire on the operating table. operation . A short circuit of one of the devices surgical is at the origin of this fire which burned the patient in the neck, back and chest. A surgeon present was also injured by the fire .

According to the media, the fire would have quickly spread to the patient because of the tissues she was lying on ».

Finally, in addition to her shoulder operation, the patient received care adapted to her burns. Russia's Investigative Committee said it had opened an investigation into the incident.