After more than 500 days in hospital, this 18-month-old baby girl is finally home

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-22 18:15:01

In the United States, a baby girl born premature spent more than 500 days in the hospital after her birth. While doctors gave her only a 50% chance of survival, she was finally able to leave the hospital facility to return home.

Autumn is a baby girl who was born very premature in March 2021, just 23 weeks pregnant.

At his birth, the baby barely weighed 1 kg and was micro-premature. Autumn was first placed in the neonatal intensive care unit before joining pediatrics after her first birthday.

Photo credit: Tyler Robinson

Autumn suffered from many complications including bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a chronic lung disease. Doctors gave her only a 50% chance of survival and did not know if she would make it.

“When a patient is about to give birth at 23 weeks, we know that the survival of the baby is around 50%. Autumn had dangerous drops in her oxygen level, to the point where her heart rate was getting weak and doctors feared she might die. His heart was strained by all the work it took to pump blood to the lungs and to pick up oxygen, bring it back and pump it to the rest of the body. It's called pulmonary hypertension, and it made her even sicker.' , explained Dr. Megan Lagoski, neonatologist.

She spends more than 500 days in hospital

During his hospitalisation , Autumn had to change institutions, although this transfer is very risky. At her new hospital, the little girl was given different medications and underwent surgery to have a breathing tube inserted and her lungs repaired. Due to her health condition, the little girl spent 524 days in the hospital , the first year of its life.

'I spoke to him and said, 'Autumn, it's okay, if you're ready to go. But if you're not ready to go and you want to keep fighting this fight, mom will keep fighting and we'll keep going together no matter what. I just wanted to pray for my baby, talk to my baby, sing for my baby” , said Tyler Robinson, the little girl's mother.

Photo credit: Tyler Robinson

Autumn's mother was there by her side every day. She wanted to celebrate all the right occasions, including her birthday. She decorated her child's room and gave candy to the nurses to bring a little joy in these difficult times.

The little girl went home

Today, Autumn is 18 months old and she was finally able to leave the hospital to return home. Nurses still come to his home to visit him and continue the care. Autumn will be able to live with her mother, after having lived all her life in a hospital room.

Photo credit: Tyler Robinson

Currently, the little girl is making more and more progress as she manages to sit up and play with her toys.

“My daughter Autumn is a happy baby , Tyler said. She is stubborn but sweet as can be and adorable. I had good support all around, from my family, friends and hospital staff. I did everything for her, I sacrificed everything and I would do it again. I would do it all over again for her, because I love her. »

Source : Good Morning America