After her breakup, she travels 8,000 kilometers to remove the love padlock she had hung with her ex

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-12 16:20:02

We have all traveled as lovers, for many it is a way to celebrate the special bond that unites them with their partner. In fact, traveling after a breakup is also very common, because nothing heals a broken heart better than a trip. However, what's more unusual is going miles and miles just to undo something you did with your ex.

Credit : Kassie Yeung / TikTok

And precisely, this is what Kassie Yeung wanted to do to ensure that no trace of her and her ex remains in this world. Following her breakup, the young woman undertook a long journey of 8,000 kilometers, from Los Angeles in the United States to Seoul in South Korea, with a single objective: to completely undo her ties with her former boyfriend. In 2019, Kassie and her ex went to the top of N Seoul Tower, also known as Namsan Tower, and hung a padlock celebrating their love on the railing.

It is a popular tourist attraction for couples . Often the padlocks bear their initials or a message symbolizing the love they have for each other. In Paris, the same habit had been adopted by tourists on the Pont des Arts (1st-6th) and the Pont de l'Archevêché (5th), before the town hall was forced to withdraw them for security reasons. structure of the building.

Kassie was already traveling to Seoul for work and so decided to take a detour to remove the love padlock she and her ex tied together. She could have done it discreetly and moved on, but she chose to make a full-fledged video of her expedition, and the latter went particularly viral on the TikTok social network with nearly 12 million views.

How did she remove the padlock?

In the video you can see all the voyage as a timelapse. Equipped with shears, she climbs the cable car towards the tower and then heads to the top where the padlock wall is. Kassie searched through hundreds of padlocks for about thirty minutes before finding the one that belongs to her and her ex, which she then removes. Kassie then films herself holding up the padlock in celebration.

Source : Kassie Yeung / TikTok