After breaking up with their boyfriend, these 2 single moms and best friends decided... to move in together

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-21 18:45:02

Being a single mother and raising her child alone is not easy. And precisely, to avoid finding themselves in this situation, two young mothers have found a brilliant solution: moving in together.

Credit : samanthalleighbestt / Instagram

Lauren Robinson, 26, and Samantha Best, 24, live under the same roof with their children Haidyn, 5, and Kaelin, 4, in Auckland, New Zealand. It was Lauren's initial idea to share her home after the two women broke up with their respective partners, deciding that splitting the cost of rent and food was smarter than living apart. Thus, the two best friends have found their balance.

Obviously, as is often the case on the Internet, the choice of friends to live together has aroused some negative reactions, some Internet users finding this roommate between moms and suggesting that they must have an intimate relationship. 'We've had some nasty comments, but the majority of people support us saying it's a great idea' said Samantha.

Credit: Samanthaleighbestt / Instagram

Many advantages

Indeed, the two mothers find their account perfectly in this rather unusual way of life. Their children get along very well and play with each other for hours, so much so that they always bicker like siblings. This proximity allows them not to grow up alone and to be stimulated on a daily basis. Lauren and Samantha are on the same page and help each other regularly, whether it's picking up the kids from school, babysitting them or running errands.

Although neither mother is actively dating at the moment, they are not opposed to meeting a new partner in the future, but they are now more focused on their children and their careers. 'Everything is new when you come out of a breakup, so we're taking time to work on ourselves and then we'll get back into the dating scene eventually' Lauren confided.

They recognize that being a mother single unfortunately comes with stereotypes, but they hope that by sharing their story, others will consider trying it too.

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