After a crazy first show, 'France has an incredible talent' returns next Tuesday with episode 2

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-20 15:28:02

While the new season of “France has an incredible talent” got off to a flying start after its first episode, the second may surprise you even more. Don't miss the appointment!

Tuesday, October 18, the first episode of season 17 of ' France has an unbelievable talent was broadcast on M6. As usual, the show has reserved its share of surprises, with particularly talented candidates. Discover below our three favorites among all the participants of the evening. Chills guaranteed!

An autodidact impresses the jury

This is the case of Rayane, a 15-year-old musician from Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). The one who lives in a home made the chords of his piano resonate, in front of a dumbfounded audience.

It must be said that the little prodigy learned to play this instrument thanks to tutorials on Youtube. The latter then practiced on self-service pianos, available in stations. After only 1 year of practice, the teenager is today a great pianist.

Rayane, the 15-year-old pianist - Photo Credit: M6

And the least we can say is that his performance inhabited by the third movement of the ' Moonlight Sonata» of Beethoven moved the jurors to tears: There you go, that's incredible talent. That's why we do this show “, launched the humorist Éric Antoine.

For its part, the Neodance Academy captivated the crowd by creating a human mandala. This poetic choreography, punctuated by a song about breast cancer, was simply breathtaking as the movements were precise and captivating: ' I found a coherence, a unity between you (…) We all like that “, enthused the singer Hélène Ségara.

The Neodance Academy - Photo Credit: M6

Finally, the Ramadhani Brothers won their ticket to the next stage thanks to a high-flying balancing act, causing an avalanche of cold sweats along the way. The duo, whose dexterity stunned the spectators and the jurors, received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The Ramadhani Brothers - Photo Credit: M6

'France has an unbelievable talent' : don't miss the next episode

Next week, viewers will discover an anthology of new talents as impressive as each other. Mark your calendars! The second episode of season 17 of 'France has an incredible talent' will be broadcast on Tuesday, October 26, from 9:10 p.m.