After 5 months of walking, he succeeds in his challenge by connecting Paris and Algiers and finances the construction of two water towers

Author: Clark Tos
2022-10-12 18:53:01

After five months of walking and 4,200 kilometers covered, the young Parisian Mehdi Debbrah has won his bet by connecting Paris and Algiers on foot. Thanks to the money raised with his kitty, he was able to finance the construction of two water towers and organize food distributions.

five months ago, Mehdi Debrah embarked on a crazy adventure. The 27-year-old Parisian decided to walk from Paris to Algiers. He put on his sneakers and drove along eastern France to then cross Switzerland and Italy. The young man took the boat in Sicily to reach Tunisia.

On October 8, he finally reached his goal when he arrived in Algeria, after walking 4,200 kilometers.

Photo credit: @debbraahworld

Mehdi walked for 157 days, or about five months. During his journey, he discovered magnificent landscapes, spent nights in a tent by the sea or on cliffs and braved the weather conditions.

He walks from Paris to Algiers in homage to his father

Arriving in Algiers, his finish line, Mehdi went to visit his grandfather, whom he had not seen since 2017. The reunion was very moving, especially since the young Parisian had not not seen his family since the disappearance of his father, who died last year. If he decided to walk so many kilometers, it is above all to give him back tribute and mourn.

“What has motivated me every day since the beginning are the reasons why I walk. I lost my father in December 2021 and I questioned my whole life. This walk is a form of mourning, symbolically to the place where I grew up” , he confided.

Photo credit: @debbraahworld

When he left, Mehdi decided to publish his daily life on social networks, and his adventure quickly went viral. On TikTok and Instagram, the Parisian is followed by more than 1.6 million subscribers. After finding his grandfather, Mehdi took advantage of his return with all of his family waiting for him in Algiers.

It finances the construction of two water towers

If Mehdi wanted to pay tribute to his father by making this walking , he also wanted to help others. Leaving, the Parisian launched a kitty to raise funds that would finance the construction of a well in Togo. In five months, Mehdi has not lost sight of his goal and the kitty has exceeded all his expectations.

'I had created a kitty with the Life association for the construction of a water tower, in tribute to my father, so that people who wish to support my initiative participate in this project. , he explained. I thought I would have a little help and return to Paris to work after the march to finance the action. In the end, more than 60,000 euros were raised! Not only has the water tower already been built in Togo, but another is in preparation in Niger. A food distribution has been carried out in Tunisia and another should take place in Algeria. »

Photo credit: @debbraahworld

When asked the question, Mehdi does not yet know what he will do next. For the moment, he has decided to stay in Algiers for a while to enjoy his grandfather and his family.

Source : The Parisian