According to a study based on heart rate, the scariest horror movie of all time is… “Sinister”

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-18 14:35:01

A scientific study has just determined the ranking of the 10 scariest horror movies of all time, and the one that comes out on top is 'Sinister' by Scott Derrickson released in 2012.

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The latter tells the story of Ellison Oswalt, a writer passionate about crime stories, in need of inspiration to find his next subject, who decides to move with his family into a house where the horrific assassination of an entire family. He then discovers in the attic of the house a box containing a projector and reels of Super 8 film on which this murder, as well as several others, were filmed. He then continues his investigation and finally discovers an entity that will put his life and that of his family in danger.

Fear can be defined by many things and varies from person to person. Some people are more scared of horror movies that drag on and get into your mind, like 'Midsommar,' while others prefer more straightforward horror movies, like 'The Conjuring' or 'Insidious.' But according to Forbes, despite the different criteria one can choose to categorize horror feature films, a scientific study conducted by the company broadbandchoices has determined that no film is scarier than 'Sinister'.

'Our Science of Scare study was designed to help people find the most scientifically scary movies ever made, so they don't have to search through thousands of titles across streaming services like Amazon or Netflix.' said Daniel Clifford, author of the study. The latter measured the resting heart rate of 50 people of different ages while they watched more than 100 hours of movies. horror . Ultimately, the study came up with a list of the 35 scariest movies, with “Sinister” coming out on top.

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“Sinister” in first place in the ranking

The average resting heart rate of the 50 people was 65 beats per minute. During “Sinister,” that average increased to 86 bpm, which equates to a 32% increase. No other film has caused such an increase in the average heart rate in the viewer. The movie “Insidious,” released in 2010, had the record peak beats per minute of 133 bpm during one of its episodes. No other film only surpassed this particular scare. Overall, 'Insidious' came in second. In the rest of the top 10, 'The Conjuring' comes in third, 'Hereditary' in fourth, 'Paranormal Activity' in fifth, and 'It Follows' in sixth. “The Conjuring 2” took seventh place, while “The Babadook”, “The Descent” and “The Visit” were crowned eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.

Source : IGN