Accommodation illegally occupied in Marseille: the tenant denies squatting and blames the real estate agency

Author: Clark Tos
2022-09-28 14:16:03

Accused of being a squatter, a tenant claims to want to leave her illegally occupied accommodation and denounces the management of the real estate agency. Details.

One month before the start of the winter break, a new case of squat illegal agitates the city of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône).

Accused of illegally occupying a house in Marseille, a tenant denies being a squatter and denounces poor management by the real estate agency in charge of the lodging .

Located in the 16 and district of the Phocaean city, the latter belongs to owners, today forced to sleep in a… motorhome.

A ludicrous situation!

She illegally occupies a dwelling but denies being a squatter

The business started two years ago when the owners of this house in the Estaque district - a retired couple previously living in Portugal - returned to France. They then inform their tenant, a certain Nadia, of their intention to recover their accommodation, but things do not go as planned.

The two parties have since camped on their position, each accusing each other of more or less verifiable things.

However, the situation should never have come to such extremes because Nadia had planned to leave the accommodation a long time ago, after enrolling her 15-year-old daughter in a school in 6 and district of Marseilles. Only here, overtaken by personal worries and a ' professional tumble “, she finally had no choice but to stay in this house.

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As she told our colleagues from BFM TV, she now wants to meet the owners to solve the problem calmly and thus draw a line over two years at “ fight (…) without talking to each other ».

« They will not spend the winter in their motorhome, nor will I spend the winter with my daughter in a precarious apartment (…) these people have been harmed as much as me “says Nadia who says she wants” leave » his current accommodation, provided of course that he finds another decent one.

The tenant claims that this situation is due to ' incompetence of the real estate agency in charge of renting the accommodation. Nadia claims to have carried out research to find another base as soon as she was informed of the end of her rental contract in 2020.

But while she was in active search, the agency would have told her that the owners, then in Portugal, had decided to delay their return to France and that therefore she could keep the house.

Nadia would therefore have requested a written record from the real estate agency “ to protect himself in the event of a dispute, but she would have explained to him that it was difficult to reach the owners abroad.

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In the meantime, the latter had to return to France, due to health problems, and have since resided in a motorhome.

Exasperated, they accuse their tenant of doing everything ' to delay the deadline “, while justice has yet given them reason. ' We won the case and she was therefore deportable from September 14 “they curse at the microphone of BFM TV.

The owners also accuse Nadia of no longer paying her rent and of not having paid a water bill worth 800 euros.

Accusations that the person concerned refutes, while acknowledging that she did not pay her rent for the month of August on the advice of a social worker who would have recommended that she keep her money for “ her daughter's basic needs ».

As you will have understood, the situation continues to escalate especially as the owners have sent, through a bailiff, “ a request for assistance from the police “this Monday, September 26 for an expulsion” as soon as possible ».

Source : BFM TV