Abandoned in a park by its owner, this alligator was found in a sad state

Author: Clark Tos
2023-02-27 13:13:03

In New York, an alligator was found in a Brooklyn park this Sunday, February 19. The animal, which was in very poor condition, was transferred to the Bronx Zoo.

It is well known: alligators inhabit Florida and the tropical and humid southeast of the UNITED STATES . Unexpectedly, a reptile measuring 1.2 meters long was found alive in a park in Brooklyn, New York.

The extremely rare discovery of the animal was made Sunday morning in the pond of Prospect Park, the great green lung of the borough of Brooklyn, announced in a press release the department of parks and recreational areas of New York .

Photo credit: NYC Parks

The alligator suffered a thermal shock

According to the statement, the crocodilian was likely abandoned by its owner. The latter was fished out of the waters by the forest guards of the green spaces of the megalopolis.

Unfortunately, the alligator was in a lethargic state. Also according to the statement, he was sent to the Bronx Zoo, another borough of the city that never sleeps.

Photo credit: NYC Parks

For the moment, we don't know if an investigation has been opened, but the green spaces service reminded that “releasing animals in New York parks is illegal”. The animal, accustomed to “hot and tropical climates”, probably suffered “thermal shock in the cold water of the pond”.

« Parks are not suitable habitats for this type of animal, whether domestic or not. This “can be dangerous for walkers (…), cause the disappearance of natural species and alter the quality of the water ».

Source : Insiders / AFP